Savage honored for safety, security impact

coughead. As the only facility of its kind in Eastern Washington, WSU’s Technical Services instrumentation and electronics shop is well-versed in meeting special design requests for everything from vacuum chambers to surgical devices to ion current circuitry. During the COVID-!9 health crisis, the shop’s highly skilled staff have stepped up to provide another valuable service: designing and building protective barriers to help safeguard the WSU community and help slow the spread of the virus.

In November, Technical Services supervisor Dave Savage was honored with the WSU Presidential Security Award in recognition of the impact of his vision and his prototyping and engineering skills on the creation of custom barriers for office desks and cubicals, customer service counters that allowed better interaction between staff and patrons, and modifications to restaurants and student dining halls that allow safe exchange of food items without compromising health.

Learn more about the state-of-the-art Technical Services shop and hear from Dave in an audio slideshow from the CAS archives.

Adapted from WSU Insider and the online 2020 Safety Fair awards event.