National Gilman Scholarships support study abroad

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Eight undergraduates pursing seven different degree programs in the College of Arts and Sciences recently received Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarships toward the study abroad program of their choice. They will use the funding to study in Italy, Japan, Portugal and Spain this summer and fall. The Gilman scholarship, an initiative funded by the U.S. Department of State, is among the top study abroad awards in higher education.

“Besides looking great on a resume, this award is an open door to international opportunities and consideration for post-graduate awards, such as the Fulbright and Rhodes scholarships,” said Tiffany Prizzi, senior global learning advisor in the WSU Office of International Programs. “The Gilman award also grants 12 months of federal job eligibility, meaning recipients can be considered for vacant federal government jobs with as little as an application, sidestepping what’s typically a lengthy process for consideration.”

The College of Arts and Sciences students are:

Zoe Alamillo
Major: psychology
Minor: sociology
Will study abroad in Italy

Jesus Avina
Major: sociology
Minor: human development
Headed to Spain and Portugal

Makayla Daniels
Major: business
Minor: Japanese
Will study abroad in Japan

Emily Dickson
Major: pre-pharmacy
Minor: psychology
Headed to Spain

Milo Edwards
Major: women’s, gender, and sexuality studies
Minor: queer studies
Will study abroad in Italy

Citlaly Gomez-Ledezma
Major: criminal justice
Headed to Italy

Claudia Jacobo
Major: Japanese
Minors: digital technology and culture; business
Will study abroad in Japan

Johan Luna
Major: biology (pre-dentistry)
Headed to Spain and Portugal

A total of 13 WSU undergraduate students received Gilman scholarships this year.

Top image by Krzysztof Hepner, Unsplash

Originally posted at WSU Insider