Meet graduate student Molly Roitman

Molly Roitman.

A doctoral student in experimental psychology and a member of the Adolescent Health and Wellness Lab led by Jessica Fales, Molly Roitman is studying the health and social psychology track within experimental psychology. Her research focuses on the social relationships and development of adolescents with chronic pain.

Molly’s thesis looks at the stigmas surrounding pain experienced by adolescents with chronic pain and examines how these stigmas might impact their friend groups. Currently, she is examining how healthy adolescent individuals might perceive peers with chronic pain and if the disclosure or concealment of pain effects those relationships.

“I’m interested in seeing, especially given the pandemic, what we can do about making sure that kids these days are having the experiences they need to be successful in their lives and relationship and making sure we can support the kids who have health issues or are at risk,” said Molly.

Last spring Molly took home 1st place in WSU Vancouver’s Research Showcase for her poster presentation and research focusing on social anxiety and cyberbullying among adolescents with chronic pain.

Molly earn her bachelor’s degree from Muhlenberg College in 2021, where she utilized her passion for dance and understanding of the impact of childhood emotions on future health to pursue research interests related to music and dance. Molly completed her senior thesis project on vicarious embarrassment and its impact on childhood social development.

Some of her favorite things about studying at WSU Vancouver include the beautiful campus and the hardworking and determined research assistants that help in the lab.

When she’s is not in the classroom or lab, Molly loves to read, continue her dance education, and explore the Pacific Northwest.

Top image: Molly Roitman.

Originally posted at WSU Vancouver on Instagram