Making a difference

Lead Ceremony 2021. President's Awards.The 2021 WSU President’s Awards for Leadership and Engagement Award of Distinction (LEAD) recognized 17 CAS students and a faculty member for outstanding contributions across our diverse campus communities.

“This is a prestigious award that recognizes…the ways they give back to the community and empower others,” said Phillip Sinapati, ASWSU advisor and coordinator of the program. “We look at how their leadership experiences have impacted them as individuals, how they influence those around them, and how they affect the greater community.”


Fifteen CAS students were honored with LEAD awards in 2021

Alejandra Aguilara
Major: Criminal Justice & Spanish
Graduation year: 2021

Diana Baldovinos
Major: Psychology & International Business; minor in Spanish
Graduation year: 2021

Nancy Barraza
Major: Spanish & Kinesiology
Graduation year: 2022

Jake Berreth
Major: Music Performance & Computer Science
Graduation year: 2023

Carson Bowers
Major: Psychology & Biology
Graduation year: 2021

Riley Clark
Major: Psychology & Criminal Justice
Graduation year: 2021

Asiamay Owena Diaz
Major: Zoology
Graduation year: 2021

Alexandra Donnici
Major: Criminal Justice & Sociology
Graduation year: 2022

Emily Klemkow
Major: Anthropology & History
Graduation year: 2021

Mikayla Makle
Major: English
Graduation year: 2022

Christian Michael Shaffer
Major: Philosophy & Political Science (pre-law option)
Graduation year: 2021

Keilah Tresae Shaw
Major: Criminal Justice & Human Resources Management
Graduation year: 2021

Bailey Singh-Halpin
Major: Human Resource Management; minor in Psychology
Graduation year: 2021

Audrey Weaver
Major: Psychology
Graduation year: 2021

Matthew Wyatt
Major: Psychology
Graduation year: 2021


Two CAS students pursing advanced degrees were also recognized for their contributions:

Aurora Brinkman
Program: Clinical Psychology, Ph.D
Graduation year: 2024

Jennifer Johnson
Program: Environmental and Natural Resource Science
Graduation year: 2021


David Makin
Associate Professor & Undergraduate Director
Dept. of Criminal Justice and Criminology

Meet all of the 2021 LEAD award recipients on the Student Involvement website.

By Steve Nakata, Division of Student Affairs, for WSU Insider.