Anne Pisor.

Anne Pisor

Early Career Faculty Achievement  (Tenure Track)

Assistant Professor

A field anthropologist by training, Anne Pisor studies human social relationships, especially those that span distance or group boundaries, and how they affect resource management and help people cope with climate change.

Anne’s work is theoretically sophisticated and intensely empirical. She combines basic science with applied research using an impressive palette of research tools—from ethnography and experimental psychology to experimental economics and modern statistics.

Her collaborations frequently cross disciplines and fields. For example, she is co-PI for a workshop on climate change adaptation including anthropologists, biologists, political scientists, and psychologists. She collaborates with subsistence farmers in the Bolivian Amazon and is the primary investigator on a fisheries management project in Tanzania­.

Anne has given several invited lectures, including at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, and served as a 2020 co-guest editor of the American Journal of Human Biology. Locally, she presented the annual Roots of Contemporary Issues interdepartmental Lecture and gave a talk at Pullman’s Science Pub.

At WSU, Anne created a “welcome weekend” for admitted graduate students, including a three-session orientation program which she continues to co-organize.

Energetic, creative, and deeply focused, Anne Pisor is a rising star in anthropology, in the social sciences, and across the Washington State University community.