Kim Pederson.

Kimberly Pedersen

Early Career Achievement

Lead Secretary

From the day Kim Pedersen joined WSU and the Department of English in the summer of 2019, she enthusiastically adapted her previous corporate office experience to fit the unique complexities of a large academic unit.

Kim seamlessly learned the department’s numerous course offerings as well as policies governing student activities and faculty operations. Technologically savvy, she skillfully managed the transition from regular to remote operations and the simultaneous implementation of Workday.

Among her key duties, she supports the composition and technical writing programs, helping to assure thousands of students are registered properly and know how to connect with teachers and academic advisors.

Kim goes above and beyond on a daily basis and eagerly takes on new responsibilities. Her creative contributions—scary stories for Zoom Halloween and a bingo game for the department open house—added depth and engagement to online events.

Kim’s problem-solving skills, positive attitude, and genuine smile make every day a pleasure to be at WSU. Having such a team-player on the College of Arts and Sciences staff is priceless.