Lauren Hatley.

Lauren Hatley

Mid-Career Achievement

Finance and Budget Manager

Lauren Hatley’s commitment to teamwork and her ability to inspire excellence in others are invaluable assets for the Department of Chemistry.

Originally hired for post-award grant management, she quickly turned her area into a finely tuned fiscal machine. In addition to clearing reporting bottlenecks, she restructured student fee accounting to improve tracking, worked with the stockroom manager to streamline budgeting and invoicing procedures, and developed a common webform that drastically improved TA and RA assignments.

Lauren demonstrated her aptitude for management by consistently stepping up to take on one supervisory role after another. She now manages most of the office staff while also ensuring the overall fiscal health of our department.

During the remote work experience and the complex implementation of Workday, Lauren’s leadership has helped improved staff morale. She takes the time to listen and to council, and, in her own quiet way, motivates colleagues to do their best work.

At every level, Lauren has exceeded expectations She is a bright and knowledgeable administrator well on her way to be a star in the WSU community.