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Washington State University
CAS Connect February 2015

Understanding that keeps us human

Dean Daryll DeWald
Dean Daryll DeWald

Side by side with science, the humanities and the arts are critically important educational and creative disciplines. They help us understand, express, and record information about our individual and collective existence. They provide tools for social exchange and cultural development and preservation. Literature, music, history, theater, philosophy, and art are all vital aspects of our increasingly complex global landscape.

Back in 2006, just as smartphones and apps like Facebook were taking hold, former dean Erich Lear was quoted, “In a world where our dependence on science and technology deepens each day, it is the liberal arts that keep us human.” His commitment to a well-rounded liberal arts education remains one of the college’s core values.

From personal narratives to the worldwide impact of cultural understanding, CAS scholars and educators contribute to the knowledge and appreciation of the world around us. Projects in the arts and humanities include:

As I mentioned here last month, the College of Arts and Sciences is a hub of creativity, discovery, and knowledge tightly aligned with the core educational mission of the University. Along with our faculty’s dedication to discipline-specific excellence, the college provides most of the University Core Requirements for all WSU undergraduates—innovative courses that open young minds to new ideas and contribute to the productive lives of engaged citizens.

The name of our college is significant: the humanities, arts, and sciences are complementary disciplines. Together they are greater than the sum of their parts.

We continue to be united by the spirit of inquiry, dedicated to expanding understanding, and strengthened by our shared commitment to excellence.