Kimberly Green

Ana Maria, Congratulations on your retirement! Your many contributions to students and faculty, and to undergraduate education, made WSU a much better place. With much appreciation for all you brought, I wish you the best in the new stage of retirement you've begun, despite beginning it in the pandemic. Thinking of you, with all good […]

Judy Hopkins

All the BEST in your New Adventures! Dearest Ana Maria! What an absolute delight it's been to partner with you across the WSU system in a myriad of ways–lots of dreams came true for wonderful, collaborative student engagement opportunities for our beloved CAS students–and many others! May you continue in strength and passion for many […]

Joanna Steward

Cheers to you, Ana Maria! WSU will always shine a little brighter because of you and the positive impact you have had (and will continue to have!) on students, and on faculty and staff colleagues, all across the university. You truly possess a heart in motion. Best wishes for your next adventure! Joanna Steward CAS […]

Karen Weathermon

Congratulations, Ana Maria! Ana Maria, It has been such a pleasure to work with you in so many different capacities through the past several years–WSU Performing Arts, MLK, AFW, Global Case Competition, and various academic committees. I value you so much as a colleague and friend, and I wish you the very best as you […]

Stephen Bischoff, Ph.D.

Congrats on this Milestone! To Ana María: I just want to say thank you for all your hard work and commitment to serving students all these years. Whether we worked together directly or indirectly, you have always been someone that I have seen offering important insights. Given your time and energy doing this work, your […]

Vilma Navarro-Daniels

Querida Ana María: La mejor mentora, una colega excepcional y una amiga inolvidable. Gracias por todo lo que has dado a nuestra unidad académica. Todo ese esfuerzo, tiempo, horas de trabajo incesante. Ese corazón sincero y generoso que se alegra de verdad por los logros de los demás. Te voy a echar muchísmo de menos. […]

Faith Lutze

Ana María I will always be grateful that our paths crossed. Your energy is inspiring, and how your intellectual curiosity translates into action brings meaning to the world. Enjoy every moment of your retirement. Your legacy is far from being written quite yet. I look forward to hearing about what is yet to come. Faith […]

Pat Carter

Dear Ana Maria, I have truly enjoyed working with you over the years. Perhaps more than that, I have treasured our conversations about families and cultures, and I will never forget that you are the only non-Jew on campus who wishes me L’Shana Tova every Rosh Hashana! Enjoy your retirement without any guilt!!! xxoo Pat […]


Mama, Congratulations on your well-deserved retirement! You’ve tirelessly kicked butt for 30 years and in that time you have helped your department flourish, started a life-changing program with Hearts in Motion, aided the success of thousands of students, propelled the arts at WSU, and countless other feats. All while juggling 3 kids! You’re the best […]

Tammy Barry

Dear Ana Maria, Congratulations on your retirement after 30 years of incredible–and energetic (!!!)–service to WSU. You have always been a wonderful colleague to have in CAS, and I have especially enjoyed getting to work with you through the Associate Dean’s council this past year. Your strong voice of wisdom in those meetings will be […]

Joan Grenier-Winther

Best wishes for your retirement All our sincere best wishes to you on your retirement. I will always remember your kindness when I came for my interview, and we talked not all about work, but about kids! Doug and I wish you and Gustavo a happy and healthy retirement. Fondly, Joan Grenier-Winther Languages, Cultures & […]

Adrian Aumen

Appreciating you! Thank you, Ana María, for being a wonderful colleague! It’s been a true pleasure to work with you! Your positive energy brightened many days and your compassion and generous efforts brightened many lives. We’ll miss your expertise and enthusiasm, but wish you countless happy adventures ahead! Felicidades~ Adrian Aumen CAS Communications

Nairanjana (Jan) Dasgupta

Nairanjana (Jan) Dasgupta Mathematics and Statistics Dr. Nairanjana (Jan) Dasgupta has been elected to serve as president of the Caucus for Women in Statistics in 2021. This is an international, professional statistical society formed in 1971, for the education, employment and advancement of women in statistics. Dr. Dasgupta is a delightful person and it's easy […]

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Sean Robertson

Sean Robertson CAS Communications Thank you for your creative work on the annual CAS awards posters and the website, particularly under such challenging circumstances and with so many competing priorities! Shared by Joanna Steward

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Adrian Aumen

Adrian Aumen CAS Communications Once again, your outstanding writing skills and keen eye for detail played a critical role in creating the annual CAS awards posters. We couldn’t have done it without you! Shared by Joanna Steward

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CAS Advisors

CAS Advisors   In honor of NACADA’s Global Advising Week, I want to take the opportunity to thank all of the professional and faculty advisors. Thank you for helping students reach academic success and realize their dreams. Thank you for advising virtually and reassuring students when everything is changing. Your impacts are felt far and […]

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WSU Tri-Cities   Congratulations to WSU Tri-Cities CAS faculty on their selection to the President’s Teaching Academy. Katie Banks, School of Politics, Philosophy and Public Affairs; Stephanie Bauman, Department of Psychology, Vanessa Cozza, Department of English, Lori Nelson, School of Biological Sciences, and Janet Peters, Department of Psychology. We are grateful to have such a […]

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William Hall Mathematics and Statistics Assistant Professor Will Hall receives WSU New Faculty Seed Grant Congratulations to Assistant Professor Will Hall who has received a WSU New Faculty Seed Grant for proposed research in mathematics education! Dr. Hall’s project will connect preservice secondary mathematics teachers’ with education professionals and by will investigate their developing professional […]

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Julie Kmec and Sarah Whitley sociology Congratulations to Julie Kmec and Sarah Whitley on their selection to the President’s Teaching Academy. Shared by Monica Johnson

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Bala Krishnamoorthy Mathematics and Statistics A special shout out to Professor Bala Krishnamoorthy on being selected as a new member of the WSU Provost’s Teaching Academy!  We all appreciate the extra steps you take in your teaching, research, and service to the university! Shared by Terry Wagoner & Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics

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William Hall Mathematics and Statistics Congratulations to Assistant Professor William Hall on his selection as a new member of the WSU Provost’s Teaching Academy! Dr. Hall motivates and inspires young students to do their best and exemplifies success. He was a first-generation college student who went on to complete his PhD in mathematics education. He […]

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Elissa Schwartz Mathematics and Statistics; Biological Sciences Kudos to Associate Professor Elissa Schwartz who has been awarded funding for this coming summer from the Douglas J. Epperson Social Justice Fund from the WSU Center for Arts and Humanities for her proposed work on remedying the “Leaky Pipeline” of women in STEM. Her plan includes development […]

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Tabitha Espina Multicultural Student Services Academic Enrichment Center Congratulations to our very own Tabitha Espina, now Dr. Tabitha Espina, for defending her dissertation, “Unsettling the Rhetorics of the Politics of Filipinos on Guåhan,” and passing with distinction! Congratulations for her many awards: The 2020 College of Arts and Sciences Doctorate Student Achievement Award in the […]

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2020 CAS Award Recipients   Congratulations! These 29 individuals embody the spirit of our shared commitment to change the world through discovery, creativity, education, and collaboration. Shared by Matthew Jockers, dean

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Susannah Terry Data Analytics Great job, Susannah! Thank you for creating a video for our alumni and donors and sharing your student perspective on how you are managing the transition to online classes Shared by Don Shearer

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WSU Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art Thank you @WSUArtMuseum and @CASatWSU for your support and helping make [the online MFA exhibition] happen! So proud of the creative adaptability of the @wsufinearts MFA students! Shared by Reza Safavi (via Twitter)

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CAS IT Group Thank you to the CAS IT group! They have been working tirelessly to get the right equipment into the right hands, keep our networks secure, and support our students. They’re our tech “first responders,” and we couldn’t be prouder to have Wade, Duke, Jim, Stephen, and Jeff on our team. Shared by […]

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All faculty & staff TGIF! A Friday S/O to our outstanding WSU Faculty & Staff for making it through Week Two of our on-line course delivery. You all continue to do amazing things working with our students to ensure they make needed academic progress towards completion of their degrees! #GoCougs Shared by Kirk Schulz (via […]

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Chemistry instructional staff Undergraduate chemistry is set. All of our remaining labs for the term have been converted to an online format. All of this in just one week. Our instructional staff members are amazing. Shared by Greg Crouch (via Twitter)

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Academic advisors Kudos to all our amazing CAS, MEAP, and HPSC advisors for ensuring our students have the guidance and access to resources they need, and for being there for them in these stressful times. Go Wazzoomer warriors!” Shared by Ana Maria Rodriguez-Vivaldi

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Peter Mills Center for Institutional Research Computing Many thanks to our great staff @CIRC_hpc (Peter Mills), for installing @foldingathome to scavenge unused resources from the WSU Kamiak cluster. Here's to helping learn more about #COVID19! Shared by Aurora Clark (via Twitter)

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Digital Technology & Culture The best part of my job is being able to work with a committed, caring, group of faculty and staff. Shared by Kim Christen (via Twitter)

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