Generates ideas

David Janssen Jr.

David brings innovation, creativity and heart to our department in immeasurable ways. He routinely goes above and beyond for our faculty, staff and students to make ideas come to life. He lifts up folks when they are falling behind or feeling down, and creates so many moments that bring folks together for the sake of […]

Andra Chastain

Andra made me feel welcomed and valued in my first semester at WSU. She nurtured my intellectual work by organizing a panel in the History of Science Society conference and made me feel part of a community organizing a meet and greet with the Vancouver faculty. She is a great mentor and an amazing colleague […]

Sean Robertson

Sean Robertson is, and has always been, a great partner to the CAS Development Office. Sean helps us with creating donor collateral, editing our alumni webpage, giving day webpages, and many other projects! He is always timely, helpful and a pleasure to work with. Thank you, Sean – for your dedication, and professionalism, we appreciate […]

Sabine Davis

Sabine continues to amaze through her ability to not only take on so many tasks but do so with ease, brilliance, and ample success. Her commitment to the unit, to our students, and to the community is unmatched. There is not a day that passes where her brilliance, dedication, work ethic and care for others […]

Brandy Wiser

Brandy is a superstar. She is knowledgeable, supportive, and patient. She is able to help anyone and everyone. As a new director, she has offered advice, information, and support that has been invaluable. Daily, I find support, information, and assistance that allows me to do my job. She does the same for our faculty and […]