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Washington State University
College of Arts and Sciences Scholarships

Tips for Writing a Thank You Note

Alumni and donors provide the funding and inspiration for many College of Arts and Sciences scholarships. Sending a thank-you letter is a welcome gesture of appreciation and may be required for funds to be disbursed.

After you have been awarded a scholarship, you’ll be given details on how to address your letter. Contact your departmental scholarship coordinator if you have questions.

What to Say

Tell the donor about yourself

  • High school and/or other experiences that led you to your choice to study at Washington State University
  • Your hometown
  • General family background

Tell the donor about your present situation

  • Class year and (intended) major at WSU
  • Things you enjoy about and/or look forward to at college
  • Organizations/extracurricular activities in which you participate
  • Internships or research opportunities that you are doing or plan to do
  • Awards you have received

Tell the donor about your future plans

  • What you hope to accomplish while at WSU
  • Future career aspirations

Important points to incorporate

  • Tell how much the scholarship has helped/will help you (i.e., what it means to you personally)
  • Use the full name of the scholarship, but refrain from using the amount of the scholarship
  • Do not date your letter, but indicate the academic year you will receive the scholarship
  • Use phrases such as “thank you,” “I appreciate,” and “I am grateful”

Format considerations

  • Type your letter for readability
  • Print your letter on bond paper or stationery
  • In your salutation, begin with the appropriate title (i.e., Dear Dr., Mr., Mrs., Ms.)
  • Be clear and concise; one page is sufficient
  • Double- and triple-check spelling and grammar
  • Be sure to sign your name