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Washington State University
College of Arts and Sciences folk music

Music review: Random Perfect Plan

Album cover: Random Perfect Plan.Richard Tillinghast (’11 psych) found his way to WSU Vancouver after he learned he was going to become a father. He commuted to campus several days a week for two years from his home near White Salmon. Years before, he had started college on the East Coast, but family tragedy and the itch to travel took him overseas. He wandered the world, making a living through music, kayaking, and » More …

Music review: Giants in the Trees

Cover of CD - Volume 2 by Giants in the Trees.In their simply titled sophomore offering, Giants in the Trees have established their stride. Jillian Raye, Erik Friend, Ray Prestegard, and Krist Novoselić (’16 Soc. Sci.) have spent more than two years honing their sound—from the old creamery building where they practice to last year’s inaugural Thing festival in Port Townsend. Their second album—heavier, stronger, and tighter than their debut—features 39 minutes of ten varied tracks of moody, melodic, and modern Americana, punctuated with whimsy and, at times, trippy, psychedelic pop. » More …