Q&A with Xiaofeng Guo

An emerging expert in nuclear thermodynamics, Assistant Professor Xiaofeng Guo recently received an NSF CAREER award as well as an Early Career Achievement award from the WSU College of Arts and Sciences. His research focuses on materials critically important to the nuclear fuel cycle and the safe long-term storage of nuclear waste. His unique thermodynamic […]

Xiaofeng Guo.

Pullman Outstanding Seniors excel in diverse fields

An international researcher, a police cadet, a certified nursing assistant, and a young mother who speaks five languages (in addition to baby talk) are among the 24 College of Arts and Sciences students named Outstanding Seniors of 2022, all of whom are exemplary in their academic achievements, leadership, and service to the community. With roots […]

Annie Lu, Noah Hansen,, Lauren Forseth, and Vanesa Marar.

New chemist to research cancer at Cornell

Brianna Knode (’22) initially considered WSU as a safety school when she was applying to colleges. She toured the Pullman campus out of convenience, only to fall in love with the friendly environment and the “Cougs help Cougs” mentality. “I got the chance to directly meet with my current academic adviser, Jeremy Lessman, [and] after […]

Brianna Knode.

College honors for faculty, staff, students

Eighteen faculty, two staff, and five graduate students were honored for outstanding achievement at the 2022 College of Arts and Sciences Appreciation and Recognition Social in April. Professor Craig Hemmens, a national leader in ethical criminal justice practices, and Choong-Shik Yoo, a pioneer in static high pressure

Honors for commitment to community

Twenty College of Arts and Sciences students from 12 disciplines on three campuses, along with two CAS faculty members, were honored this spring for their outstanding commitment to the University and their communities. Established in 1996, the WSU President’s Awards for Leadership are bestowed

CAS undergraduate excellence recognized at SURCA

Students in the College of Arts and Sciences took home almost half of all the 2022 Showcase for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities (SURCA) awards. SURCA is a WSU-wide event for students from all majors and all WSU campuses to share their faculty mentored activities, and receive feedback from

Faculty career advancements

Twenty-four College of Arts and Sciences faculty members across the WSU system were promoted and/or granted tenure for 2022—the most career advancements awarded by the Office of the Provost to any of the institution’s 11 colleges this year. Tenure and promotion recognize scholars who are leaders in their fields. Promotions were awarded

Celebrating six decades of nuclear research

After more than 60 years of operation, Washington State University’s nuclear reactor continues to play an important role advancing scientific research both in the Pacific Northwest and across the country. The Training, Research, Isotopes, General Atomics (TRIGA) reactor generates 1 million watts (1 MW) of power annually. It first went critical in 1961 and remains […]