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Searching for La Belle Dame

Joan Grenier-Winther.Where in the world had the Clumber Park Chartier disappeared to? Joan Grenier-Winther, a Marianna M. and Donald S. Matteson Distinguished Professor of Foreign Languages at WSU Vancouver, really needed to examine the fifteenth-century collection of poems by Alain Chartier and others.

After all, her critical edition and translation of an unusual poem of the era was about to be published, and the Clumber Park manuscript had a version she hadn’t yet seen. » More …

Dr. Universe: Why do we have different accents?

Dr. UniverseWhether you say hello, ‘ello, hey ya’ll, toe-may-toe or toe-ma-toe, we all have a kind of accent that often comes from where we live or who lives around us.

That’s what I found out from my friend Nancy Bell, a WSU English professor who is really curious about the way language works. She told me more about why we have accents and why » More …