New seed grants for research, creative projects

Four CAS faculty leading projects in forest ecology, underrepresented composers, environmental remediation, and effective messaging have been selected to receive New Faculty Seed Grants from the Office of Research and Office of the Provost to encourage development of their research, scholarly, or creative programs.

The awards represent the broad range of scholarly activity taking place across the college, including music, biological sciences, psychology, and chemistry.  education, engineering, health and life sciences, physical science and math, and social science.

Jenny Zambrano

School of Biological Sciences

Zambrano will study patterns of variation in forest ecosystems functioning in response to fragmentation to advance the development of integrative strategies that will detect and assess changes in functional diversity as a result of forest fragmentation.

Christopher Dickey

School of Music

Dickey will commission, record, and perform works written by women, people of color, and LGBTQ+ individuals, resulting in the addition of new pieces, the discussion of compositions, and the national and international recognition of the works through publications, reviews, recordings, and live performances.

Liane Moreau

Department of Chemistry

Moreau will use a laboratory-based approach to study how environmental remediation with radioactive material contamination with specific environmental factors change the speciation of uranium using a technique called electrochemistry and thorough characterization using X-ray methods to provide design rules that could be used as effective site-specific strategies towards mitigating nuclear contamination.

Elizabeth Canning

Department of Psychology

Canning will test how mindset messages from instructors to first generation students and Persons Excluded due to Ethnicity or Race (PEERs) enhance the effectiveness of interventions directed at students.


A total of nine grants were awarded across the University. Read full descriptions of all the projects at the New Faculty Seed Grant Program website.

By Karen Hunt, Office of Research, for WSU Insider.