Systems approach assesses public health impacts

An international team co-led by a WSU Vancouver scientist Deepti Singh is offering an alternative way to understand and minimize health impacts from human-caused changes to the climate and environment. “The health consequences of air pollution, climate change, and transformations in agriculture are often discussed

Huge carbon sink exists in soil minerals

A Washington State University researcher has discovered that vast amounts of carbon can be stored by soil minerals more than a foot below the surface. The finding could help offset the rising greenhouse-gas emissions helping warm the Earth’s climate. Marc Kramer, an assistant professor of environmental chemistry at WSU Vancouver, reports his finding in one […]

Ancient Inland Northwest volcanic eruptions blocked out sun, cooling planet

The Pacific Northwest was home to one of the Earth’s largest known volcanic eruptions, a millennia-long spewing of sulfuric gas that blocked out the sun and cooled the planet, Washington State University researchers have determined. “This would have been devastating regionally because of the acid-rain effect from the eruptions,” said John Wolff, a professor in the […]