Systems approach assesses public health impacts

An international team co-led by a WSU Vancouver scientist Deepti Singh is offering an alternative way to understand and minimize health impacts from human-caused changes to the climate and environment. “The health consequences of air pollution, climate change, and transformations in agriculture are often discussed

Hungry for health

Sociologists and nutrition experts agree: food insecurity is a public health issue. Thinking of food banks and other programs as charity not only stigmatizes recipients but obfuscates the fact that we all pay, in the long run, for one another’s ill health. Whether it’s through increased healthcare costs or loss of economic productivity, not having […]

A mother’s microbial gift

Old assumptions about human breast milk are giving way to new thinking about microbes in milk and their role in children’s health and our immune systems. It happened again, most recently at a conference in Prague. After she gave her talk, a scientist came up to Shelley McGuire, a pioneer exploring the microbial communities found […]