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Virginia Woolf library: a special collection jewel

In 1967, English professor John Elwood took a sabbatical to England with his wife, Karen, and their three sons, Sean, Eric, and Kirk. It would become the most important sabbatical ever for the Washington State University Libraries. While in England, the Elwoods met Fred Lucas, a bookstore owner, who in turn introduced them to author […]

Information literacy aids music education

Music professor Keri McCarthy has been named the 2021 recipient of the WSU Libraries’ Excellence Award. “She has the rare ability to excite students about library resources, a necessity for them on the road to lifelong learning,” said WSU Libraries Dean Jay Starratt. “WSU Libraries thrive because of the interest and commitment of faculty like […]

Fallen, but not from history

Charles Kirkham. Noel Plowman. Toll Seike. Allen Ferguson. Sidney Beinke. Myron “Mike” Carstensen. Archie Buckley. They were husbands, fathers, sons, brothers. One was a standout college athlete and beloved coach. A couple were pilots. A few quit school to serve. Some were never found. These seven servicemen are a handful of nearly 260 military personnel […]