Criminal Justice and Criminology

Analysis: No systematic agency bias in WSP traffic stops

In an analysis of five years of traffic stops conducted by the Washington State Patrol, researchers with WSU’s Division of Governmental Studies and Services (DGSS), with support from faculty from the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology, found no evidence for intentional, agency-level racial bias. “This research connects the expertise of Washington’s land-grant university to […]

An American dream

Raised by a single mother in the Kurdistan region of Iran, Behnam Mozafari dreamed he would someday become a police officer. “But as I got older, I realized my goals and belief in individual liberty and individual rights did not align with the government in Iran,” Mozafari said. Today he is an accomplished senior in […]

Meet the new faculty of fall 2021

Meet the college’s newest faculty, whose scholarly expertise and interests—from transnational geographies to transgender studies, culturally relevant music to immigration law, and mind and body awareness to fluids in the Earth’s crust—enrich and expand the arts and sciences at WSU.

Teaching the teachers

Earlier this year, six CAS professors spent 12 weeks as learners themselves in the new WORD! Faculty Fellowship program. The experienced educators were challenged to think about how to help students write within the context of their various disciplines. WORD! workshops help faculty understand “how writing can be the process through which students learn the […]

Cannabis research center established

Early efforts in cannabis research at WSU have now grown into a full, multi-disciplinary research center with nearly 100 scientists working on a diverse range of cannabis-related projects. More than a dozen CAS faculty across chemistry, sociology, psychology, criminal justice, and political science are affiliated with the newly christened Center for Cannabis Policy, Research and […]

Research fellowship program earns national recognition

A collaboration between the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology and the City of Pullman Police Department that connects doctoral students with law enforcement units has been recognized by this year’s Smart 50 Awards for its trailblazing approach. Implemented by Professor David Makin and Police Chief Gary Jenkins, the research fellowship program provides opportunities for […]

Making a difference

The 2021 WSU President’s Awards for Leadership and Engagement Award of Distinction (LEAD) recognized 17 CAS students and a faculty member for outstanding contributions across our diverse campus communities. “This is a prestigious award that recognizes…the ways they give back to the community and empower others,” said Phillip Sinapati, ASWSU advisor and

Curriculum focus supports criminal justice reform

As images of George Floyd suffocating beneath the knee of a Minneapolis police officer were broadcast globally last spring, WSU’s Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology was mobilizing. “We are training the next generation of criminal justice professionals and have a responsibility here,” said department chair Melanie-Angela Neuilly. “Systemic racial bias, fairness and equity are […]