Book review: The Whaler and the Girl in the Deadfall

Influenced by real events of fall 1998 to spring 1999, when the Makah harvested their first whale in seven decades and made headlines worldwide, Mahlon Kriebel (’58 zoology) blends fact with fiction and explores the history of the whale hunt as well as complex cultural issues and tensions past and present. He provides historical context […]

Review: Legacies of the Manhattan Project

A scholarly retrospective that goes beyond the Hanford Site, this second book in the Hanford Histories series explores the myriad impacts that the top-secret government operation has left on the world, from education, health, and the environment to politics and pop culture. The depth and breadth of the collection makes clear that the history of […]

The art and craft of historical narrative

Buddy Levy, a longtime clinical professor in English, likes to make the trip. He specializes in historical narrative, paying meticulous attention to detail, writing cinematically, and traveling to the sites of the stories he’s researching—sometimes several hundred years after they’ve occurred. Travel, he says, is necessary for scene-setting and description, and can be more meaningful than […]

‘Conquistador’ eyed for TV series

Two Hollywood production companies have optioned English instructor Buddy Levy’s Conquistador: Hernan Cortes, King Montezuma, and the Last Stand of the Aztecs, with plans to turn the epic tale into a TV series. “I knew from the beginning when I wrote it that it had cinematic value,” said Levy. “Not necessarily from my writing, though […]