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College of Arts and Sciences Archives

Tri-Cities Outstanding Seniors for 2022

Cougar spirit mark.One graduating student from each department in the College of Arts & Sciences at WSU Tri-Cities was honored as an “Outstanding Senior” at a reception in April 2022. Students were selected by faculty in recognition of their outstanding academic achievement during their time at WSU Tri-Cities.

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Honors for commitment to community

Presidents Award for LeadershipTwenty College of Arts and Sciences students from 12 disciplines on three campuses, along with two CAS faculty members, were honored this spring for their outstanding commitment to the University and their communities.

Established in 1996, the WSU President’s Awards for Leadership are bestowed » More …

Tri-Cities Women of Distinction

Paula Linnen, Becca De Kleine, Stephanie Bauman, Ashley Montes, and Kauser Gwaduri.Stephanie Bauman, professor of psychology, and Ashley Montes and an undergraduate student studying digital technology and culture are among the WSU Tri-Cities Women of Distinction for 2022.

“This year, we were thrilled to honor five women whose leadership transcends their day-to-day work,” said Jaime Heppler, senior director of » More …

Faculty career advancements

Collage of unnamed faculty and staff members.Twenty-four College of Arts and Sciences faculty members across the WSU system were promoted and/or granted tenure for 2022—the most career advancements awarded by the Office of the Provost to any of the institution’s 11 colleges this year. Tenure and promotion recognize scholars who are leaders in their fields. Promotions were awarded » More …

PhD research program leads to national laboratory

Electric car charging it's batter.Batteries developed by Shuo Feng could someday revolutionize the nation’s power grid and help electric vehicles go further on one charge than ever before.

Feng is one of five doctoral students who completed their doctorate program through the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) and Washington State University Distinguished Graduate Research Program (DGRP) in 2021. » More …

Student set sights on law school

Climaco Abarca.When Climaco Abarca was 15 years old, he lost the ability to walk following a diving accident. While the event changed the course of the WSU Tri-Cities junior’s life, it did not stop him from going to college and helping others in similar circumstances.

With the help of mentorship through school, Abarca discovered a career in law was feasible even from his wheelchair, and would allow him to make a positive » More …

Q&A with first-generation students

Hagedor, Burley, Rangel, and Wesley.A WSU system-wide celebration of National First-Generation Day on Monday, Nov. 8, honored first-generation students, faculty, and staff on each of our campuses. Meet four of our extraordinary CAS students:

Angela Hagedorn, a junior majoring in history; Brian Burley and Alma Rangel, both seniors majoring in psychology; and LaShay Wesley, a senior majoring in digital technology and culture. » More …

Dr. Universe: Why can’t we breathe in space?

Dr. UniverseOn Earth, humans have oxygen to breathe. But there’s very little oxygen to breathe in space.

Space is actually a kind of vacuum, which means there isn’t a whole lot of matter, or stuff, out there between the planets and the stars.

For Earthlings like you and me, oxygen is an essential part of life. While 21% of Earth’s atmosphere is oxygen, my friend Yimo Liu reminded me it wasn’t always that way. » More …

How Chinese pioneers helped build the Pacific Northwest

Polly Bemis sitting outside a cabin in Warren, IdahoThough often surprising to people today, Chinese immigrants once had a thriving population in the Inland Pacific Northwest. From their earliest days searching for gold to their later work constructing the Northern Pacific Railway, the Chinese endured discrimination and, in many cases, extreme brutality.

How it began

When word came that gold had been discovered in central California in 1849, many Chinese headed to » More …