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Dry lightning study could aid wildfire forecasting

Lightning strike.Researchers from the School of the Environment at Washington State University, Vancouver, have developed the first long-term climatology of dry lightning — lightning which occurs with less than 2.5mm of rainfall — in central and northern California,

“Unlike human-caused fires that originate in a single location, lightning outbreaks can strike multiple locations and start numerous » More …

Bollens elected to state Academy of Sciences

Steve Bollens.In recognition of his outstanding research on salt and freshwater aquatic systems “that is both timely and important to understanding the impact of global climate change…and biodiversity in the Pacific Northwest,”  Professor Stephen Bollens has been elected to the Washington State Academy of Sciences.

Bollens is a WSU Vancouver professor in » More …

The influence of praise and put-downs

cartoon of 5 people with empty speech bubbles above each one. iStanch image.In humans and non-humans alike, physical contests are a well documented form of competition when it comes to scarce resources such as food, territory, sex, and power. Humans, however, have developed a more subtle, and now more common, approach: informational warfare. One of its primary manifestations is gossip.

While it may not physically batter or kill rivals, gossip can do great damage. “Those with better reputations often » More …

Acclaim for teaching excellence

Bala Krishnamoorthy.Bala Krishnamoorthy, professor of mathematics and statistics at WSU Vancouver, has been named the first recipient of the Yang “Wendy” Liu Award for Excellence in Teaching International Students.

In nominating Krishnamoorthy for the award, PhD student James Asare noted, “In all three of Bala’s classes I took, what struck me the most was his careful approach in recognizing his classroom mix of international and local students and leveraging » More …

Preserving the “Land of Origins”

Stone monoliths.Scattered across southern Ethiopia are thousands of mysterious stone monoliths rising as high as 20 feet.

“We don’t know who built the stelae in southern Ethiopia or why,” says Addisalem Melesse, a WSU doctoral student in archaeology. “However, the research we are doing at WSU is starting to shed light on the monument’s history and the people who built them.” » More …

Visiting scholar develops projects with Vancouver lab

Erika reading Talan Memmott’s “Lexia to Perplexia”The Electronic Literature Lab (ELL) at WSU Vancouver is a unique physical space where scholars can study born-digital media on the computers for which the works were originally produced.

This spring, Erika Fulop, a senior lecturer at Lancaster University (UK) and a specialist in French e-lit, spent three weeks at » More …

Honors for commitment to community

Presidents Award for LeadershipTwenty College of Arts and Sciences students from 12 disciplines on three campuses, along with two CAS faculty members, were honored this spring for their outstanding commitment to the University and their communities.

Established in 1996, the WSU President’s Awards for Leadership are bestowed » More …