Dr. Universe

Dr. Universe: Why do leaves fall in the fall?

Each year during the fall, we often see a lot of trees dropping their leaves. To find out exactly what happens when leaves fall, I talked to my friend Henry Adams, a researcher at Washington State University. Adams is very curious about the lives of trees and how they can survive harsh conditions. He reminded […]

Ask Dr. Universe: How do mountains form?

When you walk around on land, you are walking on top of Earth’s rocky crust. Below the crust is another thick layer of rock. These layers form Earth’s tectonic plates and when those plates collide with each other, they often form mountains. To find out about how mountains form, I visited my friend Julie Menard, a […]

Dr. Universe: If snakes smell with their tongues, what do they do with their noses?

Snakes have an amazing sense of smell. They can use their tongues to pick up on all kinds of scents in the air. Whenever we smell something in the air, we are actually sniffing tiny building blocks called molecules. These molecules are what make up the scents of everything around us—things like baked bread, fresh-cut […]